Dear Voters of Cheshire County,

It is with great excitement that I announce my candidacy for the NH House of Representatives. Its is in the same spirit of such transformational figures as Bobby Kennedy, Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and Justin Amash that I make this run.

As RFK said I run for this office not to oppose any man but to humbly put forth a set of principles and ideals that I feel are greatly missing from out current public dialogue. Speaking as a member of the generation of quarter life Granite Staters, I feel my perspective on the issues and desire to ignite the sleeping passion that I know exists in all of us us will serve the people of Rindge and Fitzwilliam well. John Mayer sang that “somethings missing and I don’t know what it is.” Well I can tell you that civility, honesty, integrity, grace, pragmatism and unity is what is missing!

Most people are put off by the notion of running for office, and their feelings are not unfounded in the slightest. In this past session we’ve seen a NH House more divided than can be remembered. I want to go toConcordand prove that WE can alter the toxic course that has been set forth by those who seek to make public service a contest of hollow and frivolous rhetoric. In the spirit of our late great Governor Walter Peterson, who was also President for time of my Alma Mater Franklin Pierce University, I seek to begin a conversation with the people of NH gilded in respect, unity, and peace. If we are to progress as civil people who value freedom, liberty, love, and hard work, WE must steer this ship back in the right direction.

It is with sincere joy that I ask you to join me in this most noble cause.

Peace, Love, and Light,


Eric Jackman
Candidate for NH House of Representatives
Cheshire County District 11 (Rindge & Fitzwilliam)