Eric Jackman for New Hampshire endorsed by Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

Website: http://www.jackmanfornh. wordpress.com

Contact: SenatorJackman@gmail.com

Eric Jackman, a self-described “independent Republican” candidate for State Representative, is a 2009 graduate of Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a minor in History. Jackman, a resident of Rindge for the last roughly 15 years, says he understands firsthand the issues affecting the Cheshire County – 11th District. The 25-year-old first time candidate is a longtime third-party political activist who has worked on the Ron Paul for President, and Gary Johnson for President Campaigns.

Gary Johnson says, “I got to know Eric very well during the New Hampshire Primary Campaign last year. I have the honor to call him my friend. I also have the honor of fighting with him to restore Liberty to our nation, and the limits of our Constitution to our government. Eric will work hard for the people of New Hampshire and represent them, and the cause of Liberty very well. Eric isn’t running as a Libertarian, but of the four candidates in this primary, he is the most libertarian. So be (small l) libertarian with me and vote for Eric Jackman in the District 11 primary!”

Eric Jackman. “I endorse Gary Johnson for President because not only is the Governor an authentic man, his record reflects true leadership and pragmatism. Our nation NEEDS Governor Johnson! It is with complete confidence that I endorse my friend in the fight for Liberty, Governor Gary Johnson for President!”