One of the reasons NH enjoys lower unemployment rates is it low tax rates, which are very appealing to businesses and companies seeking to operate in a business friendly environment. Coming from a family of entreprenuers/small business owners I vow to always vote against UN-warranted tax increases. We must maintain that high level of appeal to business.

Civil Rights

Under our Constitution each and every citizen has the right to be left alone and not be encroached upon. I simply cannot say it better than founding father Benjamin Franklin:  “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

Death Penalty

From a moral and best practices approach I am 100% against the death penalty. We are set apart from other parts of the world for a reason. Savage practices of justice in the form of violence are wrong and inheritantly immoral. As a member of the NH General Assembly I will oppose the savagery of Capital Punishment.

Legalization of Marijuana

With majority of Americans and Granite Staters coming out in favor of legalization, isn’t it time we move forward and show some real leadership on this issue? Marijuana should be legalized fully and regulated like alcohol. We need to stand up as well for compassionate care towards those who suffer greatly and remedy their pain with a harmless plant. I will be a strong voice of support inConcordfor legalization.

Self Defense & Gun Rights

(See the 2nd Amendment in theU.S.Constitution..)